ThinkRace Corporation Culture

Our company culture is all about create value. We build an ecosystem by using IoT technology for safety and health for every people and family. We connect family, connect service provier, connect many other manufacturers. We create value for every one of them. Our business can grow only because we can create value. We can provide good products for safety and health monitoring. It is our business and social responsibity as well.

Our Values

Our values are fundamental to the way we operate and how we recruit, evaluate and compensate our people. Our eight values are:

Social Responsibility
Every company should have their own social responsibility
Client first
The interests of our clients and partners must be our first priority.
Team work
We believe teamwork enables the people to achieve great things
We shoud be open to new things, open to changes, open to our clients

We should keep high standard of hontesty
Only when we help each other, we can grow together
We should always deliver our commitment seriously
We should keep a positive attitude, never give up