Workforce Management Challenge

Workforce in big mining work site, oil field which differe locations are difficult to manage.


How to locate the workforce to make sure they are on the right work site, enter and exit the specific work site.

Health Management

How to know the workers are health and real time status in the work site

Emergency Button

When there is an emergency, how to send notification with accurate location.


How to make it easy for the workers communicate with each other.

Worforce IoT Solution

Smart wearable with GPS, motion sensor, heart rate sensor and Sos button. All the data and activities will be managed by the platform and mobile app.

Smart Wearable for workforce

Accurate GPS location, heart rate and motion sensor, 2 ways communication and emgergency call.

Workforce Management Platform

Worker's real-time location, history play, geofence and other safety features.

Fitness tracking features, sleeping tracking, heart rate tracking.

Management team will get the location and health report on the platform, they will get notification by mobile app when the emergency happen.

Management App

Management team can use the app to check the location, receive the emergency call and get report.

IoT Wearables Design

ThinkRace have a great design team to help our clients customize the IoT products.

IoT Product PCBA Design

Our engineer team can work on different chipset, MTK and Qualcomm with all kind of sensors. We can share all documents with our clients, for examples schematic diagram, gerber files and BOM list.

Our Factory

ThinkRace manage 15000 square meters factory with 300 workers. There are SMT, Testing, Assembly and relibility test lab in the factory. We are produce more than 3 millions IoT devices per year.


Our clients are from all over the world, some of them are fortune 500 companies. We are happy we were selected as Olympics smart wearables supplier, that make ThinkRace a better company to provide better services to our clients and partners.

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