Main Features

IoT solution to ensure the car, the driver and the asset is safety by using TPMS, OBD, GPS technolgoy

Realtime Location

Get the accurate realtime location and location history from the car

Online TPMS

Collect the tyre pressure data and send to the server do data analysis

Driving Behavior

Get the driving behavior from the OBD tracker like sharp turn and speeding.

analysis Reports

Big data report combine with realtime location, tyre pressure and driving behavior


Get the real time location from the OBD, we can see the history play, geofence and other safety features.

Tyre pressure monitoring and get the notification, the tyre pressure sensor and the OBD compitble for different kind of cars.

Driving behavior analysis with location and tyre pressue

How it works

Tyre pressure sensor send data to OBD with wireless connection

OBD send the location, car data and tyre pressure data to the cloud.

Mobile app will get the notification from the server

Web platform and Mobile app

We provide web platform and mobile app to manage the location and TPMS of the cars

We can help our clients to customized the platform and apps

ThinkRace also can provide source code for the platform and the apps.

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